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Childcare & holiday activities

Where kids play outdoors again!

Play outside after school! Thats what we do at WildWoozt. From building huts to playing soccer and from skating to chalk drawing. We help children lose the energy build up during a school day by being outside and play in the great environment we have. And we play along, because we know it motivates children to participate. And it makes us feel young again ;-)

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What makes us different


What brings more fun then playing outdoor?.There is  nothing we can think of! We go outside every day. To parks, neighbourhood squares or forrest, because that's where the fun is!


We teach kids to take acceptable risks. This is how children learn. We give examples, talk to them and motivate them to try. We help them take calculated risks and widen their horizon. 


Research shows that children move significant more when adults participate. So that is exactly what we do. And we actually really like it as well!


Sport is afcourse part of our program. It's our goal to let children experience a lot of different sports, so they learn where their strength is at. But more important what they enjoy most!





It's our goal to make "playing outdoors" the Number 1 activity for kids again. We dream of neighborhoods full of children playing outdoors and having fun. Mums and dads strolling through the squares picking their kids out of trees and bushes because dinner is ready. That's what makes us happy!


 The sun is always playing outside. Are you in? 


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Bram Venemanlaan 5

5644 HV Eindhoven​

Tel: 040-3046429​


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Guido Gezellestraat 17

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